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No place like home

Cover of humorous horror novel Zombies Anonymous

Published by Generation Z


A contemplation of the lettuce verbiage ensemble

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there's no hope for it."
Albert Einstein.

When a person makes a statement that you don't understand there are at least two possibilities: (a) You don't comprehend the statement; (b) The statement is nonsense. The question you have to ask yourself is 'how do I tell the difference?'. Highly technical jargon, business speak, political sound bites, New Age religions seemingly 'word salad' a symptom demonstrated by some people suffering with schizophrenia, grammatical sentences without meaning. Historically Romanticism was a reaction to enlightenment rationality, Dada a reaction to the logic of war and in a contemporary post truth world is Heckseck (German for nonsense), the new Zeitgeist, where we are escaping into nonsense from hard real world truths? This experimental word montage work, sometimes poetic, sometimes humorous and seemingly a textual Rorschach, challenges your sense of sense. Your mind will struggle to extract meaning of it resulting in delicious befuddlement. So, bloat your consciousness with a stream of nonsense.


Available from Amazon in hardback and ebook. 

Publisher: Generation Z



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